A Destiny Unrestrained

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Mission Briefing

Our people are finally free. Future conflict with the Voliir is inevitable, but we are more prepared than they think, and will do well on our own. We won't forget your actions that led to this moment. They will resonate in our history and stories forever.

Mission Dialog

The fleet will be heading out soon. Thanks again.

>>"All this time, I never asked for your name."

The Voliir gave us alphanumerical designations. I was... 3A4-AE9. My former crew called me 'Sehrin'. I didn't mind it.

>>"Have you thought about where your people will go from here?"

There are many places we could eventually settle. For now, they will explore. I, on the other hand, would prefer to stay...here.


I wish to join you.

>>"Sehrin, your people are entering the genesis of a new era.
   You have no debt with us. You are free to rejoin your own kind."

No...here with you...this is my destiny. You see, we hold a strong belief that the force of good in the universe has a presence, but its momentum must be maintained. I want to be a contributor to whatever adventures lay ahead.

>>"If that is what you want, we would be honored."

At your side, I have no doubt that my skills will greatly improve with time. I had quite a sheltered live with the Voliir.

>>"You are a welcome addition. Our ships will first need to complete uplink calibrations. It shouldn't 
   take long, as we are somewhat familiar with your systems."

Of course. I am ready to proceed as soon as you wish.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of The Biofleet Evacuation
Un-gray Requirements:
Per Round Requirements: 120 energy
Per Round Rewards: 250 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Sehrin, Bioship Ally
Per Round Risks: none

Mission Summary:

  • 1 Round
Requirements: 120 energy, 1 Spy Uplink Chassis
Rewards: 250 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.083
  • 150 Rounds/Completion/Finish
Requirements: 18,000 energy, 150 Spy Uplink Chassis
Rewards: 37,500 XP, 1 Sehrin, Bioship Ally

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The Biofleet Evacuation A Destiny Unrestrained None

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